SBC Reflection

Credit: Pexels

This year, my class participated in the Student Blogging Challenge. I met so many other students all over the world and wrote so many posts that I’m proud of.

I’ve done all of the blogging challenges. I’ve also done a few school related posts. The post that received the most comments was my Easter 2018 post. I think this is because it was detailed and informative. My favorite post to create was probably the cactus photo gallery because I liked creating the collage.

One problem with my theme is it doesn’t allow me to have a side bar. You have scroll to the bottom of my blog to see my widgets. I think I have enough widgets, but it would be cool to try adding more. I have 24 overseas visitors and 167 total visitors.

One of my classmates looked at my blog. She said it’s very “me”. She liked the titles I had on some of my posts. She wished I had a sidebar so she didn’t have to scroll to the bottom of my blog to see my widgets.

I really enjoyed the Student Blogging Challenge!

Los Angeles Bucket List

This summer, I’m going to Los Angeles, and I’m super excited. I’m going to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. I definitely have lots I want to do when I get there. This is my LA bucket list.

P.S: Lily was super helpful when I was creating this list. She used to live in LA so she had good advice on what to do there.

Photo Credit: Pexels

1. See Hollywood sign

This one is kind of obvious, but I definitely want to get pictures in front of the Hollywood sign. This is such an iconic part of LA, I wouldn’t want to miss it.


2. Visit Universal Studios

The main reason I want to go to Universal is to visit Harry Potter World. There’s so much I want to do there: try butter beer, buy a working wand, ride the Hogwarts Express, and more.


3. Walk of Fame

Another iconic part of LA is the Walk Of Fame. Of course, I’ll take a billion pictures here too!


4. Disneyland

I’ve been to Disneyworld before, but never Disneyland. I wonder how the two would compare.


5.LA Zoo

Another fun activity would be going to the zoo. I’d most want to see their elephants, giraffes, and koalas.


What are your plans this summer?

A Long Walk To Water Empathy Experience

Photo taken by me

In language arts we’re reading A Long Walk To Water, by Linda Sue Park. In this book Nya has to walk for hours to get water without any shoes. In order to build empathy for the characters in this book we came up with a plan that would give us a glimpse into their lives.

I decided I was going to walk around my neighborhood barefoot. This was harder than it sounds. The hardest part was walking through rocky areas. It really made me sympathize for Nya, who probably faced similar struggles as I did, only worse. She didn’t have cement roads to walk on like I did. My feet got uncomfortably dirty just from walking on the road. I can’t imagine walking on a dirt path.


Neat Words

Photo Credit: Pexels

I have a lot of words I love for different reasons. They’re fun to say, or they’re impressive, or they describe something no other word can exactly capture, or they remind me of a person or thing in my life. Here some cool words, in no particular order, and their meanings.

1. Aesthetic

The definition of aesthetic is “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.” I find this definition kind of misleading, because today the word aesthetic normally refers to a sense of style, or a color scheme. Something that is aesthetic is pleasing to look at. For example a picture could be aesthetically pleasing.



Nostalgia is “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.” It can be bittersweet.



“Emitting light.” When something is fluorescent it sticks out in darkness because it is bright or glowing.



“Of or relating to time.” Limited by time, opposed to being eternal.


5. Atemporal

“Unaffected by time.” The antonym to temporal. Permanent or unchanging.



“A noisy or wild disturbance.” It is loud and annoying. A rumpus takes place in Where The Wild Things Are.


That’s it! Should I do part two? Do you have any favorite words?

~Claire Louise

My Hero

Photo by Mrs. Donelly

Photo taken by Mrs Donelly

Photo taken by Ms Mack

In language arts, we created books about someone who has been a hero. An artist named Peg Gennoux helped us fold books and create collages that portray our hero. First we folded card stock into mini books. Then we created collages with our hero in them. The collaging part was the hardest, but it was also my favorite.

Our hero books were displayed at Frank Gallery. Going to the gallery to see all the hero books was super fun. My family was impressed by the hard work we’d put in to our hero books. My hero was so exited to receive the book. Creating the books was hard, but her reaction was worth it.

Cactus Photo Gallery

Photos: Pexels
Collage: Adobe Spark Post

I was inspired by Shanta’s blog post where she created a photo gallery with photos of grass. Check out her post!

I love cacti. And I love cool pictures. I decided to create a photo gallery of cactus photos. I found all my photos on Pexels. Once I found the photos, I used Adobe Spark Post to create the gallery.

What other themes should I use to create more galleries?

Easter 2018

Credit: Pexels

This is a collab with Kenna. Check out her blog, Keeping It Classy With Kenna! 

This year, we had a four day weekend for Easter. My family drove to a hotel in the mountains of Virginia. We were only there for a few days, but we had a great time!

When we arrived at the hotel, we instantly went to the game room downstairs. My siblings and I played several games of ping pong. We also played tic tac toe, and completed puzzles. My brother quickly found the Xbox. We ate dinner at the hotel.

The next day, after breakfast, we went on a hike. It had great views of the mountains surrounding us. We spent the rest of the day relaxing. The hotel offered a painting activity. My sister and I went to the front desk to get the paint. Unfortunately, they told us we were only allowed to use one color! I choose blue, and my sister choose yellow. Of course, painting with one color is extremely difficult. But I was able to take some of my sisters yellow, and when I combined her yellow and my blue I had green. With three colors, my painting turned out pretty well, After my sister and I finished painting, my family went to the pool. It was freezing, so I stayed in the hot tub. We ate dinner at the stables and the food was great. When we got back, we roasted marshmallows before going to bed.

On Easter Sunday, we woke up and checked out our Easter baskets. Then we ordered room service. We went down to the game room one last time before getting in the car to drive home. We stopped for lunch at a burger restaurant, then continued our drive. We got home and saw our neighbors. This year, Easter was on the same day as April fools day, so we pranked our neighbor. My other neighbors and I wrote him a fake letter saying that he was accepted by a school across the country. He fell for it! Then we attempted to play capture the flag. It didn’t work out, so my siblings and I went home. Overall, I had a great Easter break!

My Favorite Songs Right Now

Credit: Pexels

I love listening to music, discovering new songs, and creating playlists. I decided to write a blog post about the songs I’ve been loving recently.


1. The Middle

Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey

This song is super catchy and upbeat. It is constantly stuck in my head.


2.Meant to Be

Bebe Rexha

I normally dislike country, but this is one of the few county songs I don’t mind.


3.No Excuses

Meghan Trainor

I love Meghan Trainor, and No Escuses didn’t fail to be just as sassy and great as her previous songs.


4. Inside Out

Camila Cabello

This whole album is great. I suggest listening to the album, this song included.


5. Sober Up


I came across this song a little while ago when I was trying to play my favorite song at the time, Weak by AJR.




I just discovered this song yesterday, but in the past 24 hours it’s been all I listened to!


7. God’s Plan


Okay, I don’t always like rap. But there’s a reason this is pretty much everyone’s (okay, maybe not everyone, but a lot of people’s) favorite song.

My Family In Avatars

Hello! In LA we created our own avatars. I had fun making my own avatar, so I decided to make avatars for my whole family. I used avatar maker.

1. Me

Created by me with Avatar Maker

The first avatar I made was me. I don’t think the eyes look that much like mine, but it turned out alright. I decided I wanted to compare this avatar to my bitmoji:

Created by me with bitmoji

Obviously my avatar and my bitmoji look very different! I think I prefer bitmoji because it has more options.

2. My brother

Created by me with Avatar Maker

Next I created my brother. Out of all the avatars, this one looks the most like the person I created it for. The only problem is the avatar looks so serious, while my brother is always laughing.

3.My Sister

Created by me with Avatar Maker

This is my sister’s avatar. I had a hard time creating an avatar for her because she’s only seven, and the avatar looks a older.

4. My Mom

Created by me with Avatar Maker

This is my mom’s avatar. I doesn’t look much like her, even though I tried remaking it multiple times.

5. My dad

Created by me with Avatar Maker

My dad’s avatar looks somewhat like him.

Overall, I have to say I was not a huge fan of the website I used. There just weren’t enough options to make it look like the people I was trying to create. Instead I’d recommend using bitmoji, which is an app you can download.

Competing in The Selection

In The Selection, America is unwillingly entered in The Selection, a competion decide who will marry Prince Maxon and become the queen of Illéa. America is not interested in Maxon whatsoever, as she already has plans to marry Aspen. But slowly she starts to question her future. Will she marry Maxon? What about Aspen? Read The Selection to find out!

If I could travel to a land within any book, I’d go in The Selection. I’d love to live in the castle with the 35 other girls. I wonder what it’d be like meeting the prince, and knowing you had a chance at becoming a queen? If I did marry the prince, I wonder if adjusting to life as a queen  would be challenging? I love The Selection  because of its interesting setting, realistic characters, and intriguing plot, so I’m sure living in it would be amazing.