My Family In Avatars

Hello! In LA we created our own avatars. I had fun making my own avatar, so I decided to make avatars for my whole family. I used avatar maker.

1. Me

Created by me with Avatar Maker

The first avatar I made was me. I don’t think the eyes look that much like mine, but it turned out alright. I decided I wanted to compare this avatar to my bitmoji:

Created by me with bitmoji

Obviously my avatar and my bitmoji look very different! I think I prefer bitmoji because it has more options.

2. My brother

Created by me with Avatar Maker

Next I created my brother. Out of all the avatars, this one looks the most like the person I created it for. The only problem is the avatar looks so serious, while my brother is always laughing.

3.My Sister

Created by me with Avatar Maker

This is my sister’s avatar. I had a hard time creating an avatar for her because she’s only seven, and the avatar looks a older.

4. My Mom

Created by me with Avatar Maker

This is my mom’s avatar. I doesn’t look much like her, even though I tried remaking it multiple times.

5. My dad

Created by me with Avatar Maker

My dad’s avatar looks somewhat like him.

Overall, I have to say I was not a huge fan of the website I used. There just weren’t enough options to make it look like the people I was trying to create. Instead I’d recommend using bitmoji, which is an app you can download.

3 thoughts on “My Family In Avatars

  1. Dear Claire Louise,
    I also love Bitmojis. They are fun to use and look quite realistic. They can be very funny too! Your family of avatars looks very smart, even though it was not your favourite website. Keep up the good work.
    I hope you enjoy the blogging challenge!
    From Mrs Stadler
    Cape Town, South Africa

  2. I like that avatar creator, but I agree. Bitmoji is much better. It is one of my favorites. I wish that you could also create avatars for others using it instead of only being allowed to create just one. Since Bitmoji has partnered with Snapchat, they have really updated the options available.

    • Hi Brittani,
      I agree that it would be nice if you could add more than one bitmoji. It’s frustrating when I try to create a bitmoji for someone else but mine gets deleted.

      -Claire Louise

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